Connecticut Shoreline Licensed Professional Contracting and Remodeling Services

Eli’s Restaurant Branford, Connecticut

Shoreline Pro Construction offers superior commercial services to our clients and believe whether you are painting the inside of your building or freshening up the exterior, a coat of paint can do wonders for improving your business’ appearance.

Preparing to paint is one of the most vital steps to ensure the painted finish will stand up to our extreme Connecticut climate and temperature. Without thorough washing, scraping, and sanding, the paint may crack, peel, or flake long before it should. Before painting is begun, our painting contractors take care to protect all non-painted surfaces from drips and splatters using tarps and drop cloths.


Shoreline Pro Construction Commercial Painting Services uses only high quality materials and advanced methods to paint your business or office. Our prices are highly competitive and we also offer multi job discounts.

At the end of the project when our commercial painting job is done and our clean up is completed, the only evidence you will have that painters were on the job that day is your beautifully painted building. You will enjoy and appreciate the durable, lasting quality of the color for years to come.

Eli’s Restaurant Branford CT

Shoreline Contractor and Painters of Connecticut Commercial Painting Services Include:

* Acoustical Ceiling Installation, Repair & Painting
* Antimicrobial Paints and Coatings
* Construction Services
* Drywall, Installation, Repair, Tape and Spackle
* Elastomeric Weatherproofing Coatings
* Epoxy Floor Coating and Diamond Grinding
* Fireproofing & Intumescent Coating
* Green Environmentally Friendly Painting
* Hallway and Lobby Renovations
* Historic Restorations and Repair
* Maintenance Painting Programs
* Masonry Repairs
* Parking Lot Striping
* Power Washing
* Waterproofing and Joint Caulking